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Automatics Micropipetts

Main features
In the desing it has been taken into account the maximum reduction of the air chamber with interface plunger and sample, which characterizes it as the unique micropipetts with this development. In addition, that chamber is far form the main body reducing entierely the imputable error to the temperature of the hand of the worker. The vacuum system, which is made up of the plunger and the O‘ring, is manufactured the former of stainlees steel rectified and stone with which precision is achieved and thus erosion of the O‘ring is avoid, and the latter is made up of O‘rings of high quality.

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The main body was thought of as an ergonomic design which alows a reliable and comfortable operation for the professional. Micropar F/V presents a substancial advantage over other trade marks, as regards the O‘rings, since it has a tipsbase-O‘ring assembly which is easily restord, it doesn‘t require calibration these are the two elements that suffer erosion for usage during its long life. In its manufacturing, special plastics have been used so as to reduce the most of its weight. Its dimensions are apt to take samples from the most difficult places.

This automatic micropipette is presented with an ejector of tips system, for easy use so that with one hand the ejector buttom can be pressed and this way the tips are expelled, with no possibility of error. TIPS Micropar F/V has been designed to use O. tips 910 model or universal yellow.

Acrylic base for the four elements.

2 years guaranteed for manufacturing failures. Because it is made in Argentina, the spare parts and the repair are guaranteed.
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